Music is a shared passion for the Pitches. Our singers have a variety of musical backgrounds and experience, ranging from instrumentalists to musical theatre performers. We perform together to entertain audiences and have fun!

The Pitches perform a large and varied repertoire of jazz standards, swing and boogie-woogie, and contemporary pieces, drawing upon the musical stylings of inspirational figures such as Ella Fitzgerald, The Andrews Sisters, Peggy Lee, and Nancy Wilson. Our arrangements showcase close harmonies and swing rhythms, often incorporating trios and scats, as well as choreography. Our repertoire also covers a large emotional range, from heartfelt ballads to cheerful toe-tapping tunes – whatever the occasion, we’ve got a song or two for you.

The Pitches’ songs are arranged by Pitch alumnae, current Pitches, and other musicians affiliated with our group. We have four standard voice parts, and most of our songs include additional voice parts and trio harmonies. The Pitches’ signature song is Irving Berlin’s 1919 classic “You’d Be Surprised,” an irreverent tribute to the Harvard man. A list of our current repertoire can be found here.

The Pitches perform numerous concerts each year in the U.S. and internationally. From cocktail parties to large concert halls, our classic style, swinging arrangements and innovative choreography have entertained young and distinguished audiences alike.

Our timeless sound, professional musicianship and intricate harmonies combine to create an inimitable sound that is collegiate, yet polished. We are confident you will enjoy the experience we offer in each of our jazz a cappella performances.

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