Support Us

The Pitches are doing many exciting things this semester, and we hope you will consider supporting us with any resources you are willing to pledge. Any donation you give will help the Pitches with ongoing expenses such as concert production, ensure that all members can participate in tours at no personal expense, and go towards the Pitches’ effort to build an endowment for the future. If you would like to support our group, please consider a tax-deductible donation—even the smallest donation will go a long way for the Pitches.

There are two easy ways to give to the Pitches and get your well-deserved tax deduction:

Online via credit card:
1) Access the Harvard College giving portal
2) Under “select a fund,” select “OTHER – Harvard College”
3) In the “Other Fund Name” text box, please write “The Radcliffe Pitches, Gift Account Number 310-330234RG”
4) Fill out your personal information

Via check:
1) Write a check made payable to “Harvard University” with memo line “The Radcliffe Pitches”
2) Mail the check to “The Radcliffe Pitches, c/o Harvard College, Student Organization Center at Hilles, 59 Shepard Street, Box 242, Cambridge, MA 02138”

Harvard will send you an official receipt in the mail for tax purposes and for your personal records.

We are so thankful for the generous support of our friends and alumnae. Thank you so much to those who are supporting us during the 2018-2019 year:

Allison Armour-Garb

Jennifer Belli & Matthew Picarsic

Elisabeth Biemann

Margaret Cowperthwaite Bridge & Thomas Bridge

Charles Cowperthwaite Bridge

Elena Butler

Annabel Chen-Tournoux

Margaret Chou & Ian Liston

Abigail Cullinan & David Diaz

Heather desJardins-Park

Walt Disney Company Foundation

Christine Dokko

Elise Feldman

Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund

Lora Fleming

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

Kathryn Geissinger

Patricia Kornfield Goldman

Carolyn Guard

Elizabeth Hale

Karen Hartshorn

Amy Hausmann

Allison Hill-Edgar

Samantha Ho Kriegel

Pamela Hogan

Ashton Howard

Kimberley Jennings

Emily Keamy-Minor

Lindsey Knowles

Alice Laramore

Vivian Lien

Emily Lu

Susan Mathias

Victoria McAndrews

Randa Melhem

Sarah Murphy

Marcia Turner Murray & Stuart Murray

Dana Nicholas

Katherine O'Sullivan

Alison Overholt

Rebecca Park

Eloise Pasachoff

Julia Po

Camille Powe & Immanuel Foster

Laura Pruitt

Julia Rubin

Katherine Schick

Anne Schmemann

Jennifer Leed Schwartz & David Schwartz

Gwen Shen

Anne Steinhaus

Rebecca Stone

Beth Thomas

Alexis Tumolo

Taylor Vandick

Vanguard Charitable Endowment Program

Katherine Von Kohorn

Patricia Woo

Katherine Woodbury

Katherine Wu

Emily Zoffer