Leyla Brittan

President • English • Class of 2019 • Lowell House • Alto I


Leyla is a junior from Chappaqua, New York, studying English with a secondary in Computer Science. When she’s not singing with the Pitches, she can be found writing stories, editing for Tuesday Magazine, and climbing mountains (or just the Harvard bouldering wall). She drinks what could be described as an excessive amount of coffee and she loves traveling, oversized sweaters, and not wearing shoes.


Hannah Johnston

Music Director • History and Science • Class of 2019 • Winthrop House • Alto I


Hannah is a junior from Long Island, NY. When she isn’t singing sweet a cappella tunes with the Pitches, she's a professional zombie (really!) and spends her spare time on naps, pizza, and catching Pokémon. She has a pet rat named Ruth, and it's the most stable relationship she has. She wants to be rich when she grows up.


Yena Cho

Business Manager • Undecided • Class of 2020 • Pforzheimer House • Soprano II


Yena is a sophomore from Seoul, Korea and is super excited to be with the Pitches! When not singing, Yena performs with the Drama Company, stage manages various Shakespearean shows and teaches high school students about all of the super interesting things happening in the world through Model Congress. Yena loves to read, run, and write. Her favorite food is french fries. Her favorite show is Gilmore Girls, which is returning to Netflix this fall!!!!! 

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Evelynne Fulda

Tour Manager • Human Developmental and Regenerative Biology • Class of 2019 • Eliot House • Soprano II


Evelynne is a junior from Fairfield, CT studying Human Developmental and Regenerative Biology. She is so excited to be singing with the Pitches for her second year and serving as one of the Tour Managers. At Harvard, she is also a transfer PAF and the co-president of the College Events Board. In her free time she can be found watching movies, cooking, reading, and practicing for her future career as a ventriloquist.

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Maddy Carbonneau

Tour Manager • Applied Math • Class of 2020 • Currier House • Soprano I


Maddy Carbonneau is a sophomore from Melrose, MA living in Currier House and is thrilled to embark on her second year with the Radcliffe Pitches!  She is currently concentrating in Applied Math with an application in Neurobiology.  At Harvard, she sings with HRCM and drinks way too much coffee. Other than singing and snapping, her specialties include eating chocolate, running slowly, and getting lost. 

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Sophia Campbell

Assistant Music Director • Economics • Class of 2020 • Currier House • Alto I


Sophia is a sophomore from Lexington, Massachusetts studying Economics. When not singing and arranging music with the Pitches or the Harvard-Radcliffe Collegium Musicum, she loves hiking, traveling, and goofing around with her family and friends. She is passionate about working with people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, and wants to work in disability advocacy and support one day! 


Arianna Paz

Stage Manager • Cognitive Neuroscience and Evolutionary Psychology • Class of 2019 • Winthrop House • Soprano I


Arianna, a junior from Long Island, New York, is so excited to be singing with the Pitches for a second year! In addition to a cappella, she performs with Harvard College Opera, the Harvard-Radcliffe Gilbert and Sullivan Players, and the Harvard-Radcliffe Dramatic Club. In her spare time, she loves baking, indoor cycling, reading, crocheting, drinking lots and lots of coffee, and scrolling through pictures of cute puppies on instagram.

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Samantha Heavner

History and Science • Class of 2020 • Quincy House • Alto II


Sam is a sophomore from Pomona, NY who lives in Quincy House and is super excited to be singing with the Pitches! At Harvard, she studies History and Literature and sings with the Harvard-Radcliffe Collegium Musicum. She can be found watching true-crime documentaries, going grocery shopping, and surfing Twitter in her free time. She is passionate about constitutional law and tutoring local students!

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Sophie Webster

Undecided • Class of 2021 • Matthews • Alto II


Sophie is a freshman from Groveland, Massachusetts potentially studying neurobiology. When she isn't honing her percussive syllables with the Pitches, she can be spotted playing ultimate frisbee, hitting the ice (quite literally) as an exceptionally mediocre curler, and perusing the Harvard meme page with abandon. In her free time, Sophie enjoys making her own memes, eating legumes, and listening to showtunes.

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Lila Williams

Undecided • Class of 2021 • Alto II


Lila is a freshman from Haverford, Pennsylvania. When she is not imitating the double bass as an Alto II in the Pitches, she can be found running, eating, or laughing. Her favorite things include: her little brother, random acts of kindness, and dessert. She is thrilled to be singing a cappella with such a wonderful, spirited group of young women. 

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Elizabeth Wu

Undecided • Class of 2021 •  Soprano II


Elizabeth is a freshman from Newton, Massachusetts, and she is so excited to be a Pitch this year! Elizabeth likes to sing (catch her at a Sunday morning service with the Harvard  University Choir!), swim, and play the ukulele. She is passionate about her dog Winnie, peppermint ice cream, and cocoa butter chapstick.