Arianna Paz

President • Psychology and Music • Class of 2019 • Winthrop House • Soprano I

Arianna, a senior from Long Island, New York, is so excited to be singing with the Pitches for a third year! In addition to a cappella, she performs with Harvard College Opera, the Harvard-Radcliffe Gilbert and Sullivan Players, the University Choir, and the Harvard-Radcliffe Dramatic Club. In her spare time, she loves baking, indoor cycling, reading, crocheting, drinking lots and lots of coffee, and scrolling through pictures of cute puppies on instagram.


Hannah Johnston

Music Director • History and Science • Class of 2019 • Winthrop House • Alto I

Hannah is a senior from Long Island, NY. When she isn’t singing sweet tunes with the Pitches, she’s probably working on her thesis, writing comedy, or procrastinating on her thesis by writing comedy. She loves tap dancing, watercolor painting, and spicy mayo, and she wants to be rich when she grows up.


Lila Williams

Business Manager • Human Evolutionary Biology • Class of 2021 • Winthrop House • Alto II

Lila is a sophomore from Haverford, Pennsylvania and is super excited to be with the Pitches! When she isn’t keeping a careful watch on the Pitches’ bank account, you can find her singing with Harvard Collegium Musicum, going for long runs around the Charles River, spending time with her wonderful roommates, or performing random acts of kindness for her family and friends.


Sophie Webster

Tour Manager • Integrative Biology • Class of 2021 • Kirkland House • Alto II

Sophie is a sophomore from Groveland, Massachusetts potentially studying neurobiology. When she isn't honing her percussive syllables with the Pitches, she can be spotted playing ultimate frisbee, hitting the ice (quite literally) as an exceptionally mediocre curler, and perusing the Harvard meme page with abandon. In her free time, Sophie enjoys making her own memes, eating legumes, and listening to showtunes.


Arlesia McGowan

Human Developmental and Regenerative Biology and Music • Class of 2019 • Leverett House • Soprano II

Arlesia McGowan is from Dallas, Texas and is overjoyed to be spending her last year with the Pitches! When not singing, Arlesia can be found dancing with the Harvard Ballet Company where she choreographs and performs, or giving vocal lessons with the PBHA Harmony Mentoring Program. Arlesia loves to write music, play piano, shop, and go on adventures in Boston! Her favorite food is pizza and she is chocolate fanatic. She hopes to become a doctor one day and share her passion for the arts!!


Yasmin Yacoby

Environmental Science and Public Policy • Class of 2019 • Winthrop House • Alto I

Yasmin is a senior from nearby Newton, MA! When she’s not belting out those low notes with the Alto 1s, you can find her playing her cello, climbing things she shouldn’t climb, or lighting up any number of Harvard’s stages! She loves salty snacks, screaming, and admiring when buildings have good lighting.


Esther Iya

History • Class of 2020 • Adams House • Alto II

Esther is a junior from Jacksonville, Florida studying History with a secondary in Ethnicity, Migration, and Rights. When Esther is not singing, you can catch her doing yoga, finding new songs on Spotify, or obsessing over Marvel movies. Esther is excited to be singing with such a remarkably fun and talented group.


Sydney McDonald

Government and Computer Science • Class of 2021 • Lowell House • Alto I

Sydney is a sophomore from Bangor, Maine, and is super excited to be singing with the Pitches this year! Outside of rehearsal, she is a director of HackHarvard College, works with the Harvard College Consulting Group, and guides lost children around campus as a tour guide with the admissions office. In her free time, she enjoys getting heated about the state of our nation, tumbling with reckless abandon, and petting dogs in the Yard.


Nuri Bhuiyan

Undecided • Class of 2022 • Soprano I

Nuri Bhuiyan is a freshman from Jericho, New York and is super duper excited to be singing with the Pitches this year! She’s also on the board of the Harvard Undergraduates for Environmental Justice, a Poetry Fellow for the Harvard Human Rights Review, and part of the Women’s Issue. She loves early early morning gym & breakfast in the berg, writing while listening to the patter of rain outside, taking cool pictures, talking about psychology and health and sleep, and watching a balance of inspiring films and trashy rom-coms. She hopes to become an environmental activist by drawing from both the sciences and humanities.


Chelsea Chen

Undecided • Class of 2022 • Soprano II

Chelsea, a freshman from Manhattan, New York, is so excited to be a Pitch this year! When she is not singing as a Soprano II with the Pitches, she can be found grinding out a pset on the lower level of Cabot with a cup of iced chicory coffee from Clover. In her free time, Chelsea sketches, plays volleyball, and songwriter. She is passionate about YouTube, free merch, and late night food.


Rena Cohen

Undecided • Class of 2022 •  Soprano I

Rena is a freshman from Gainesville, Florida. When she’s not singing with the pitches, she’s usually… still singing! (With Harvard Uchoir, the Harvard-Radcliffe Gilbert and Sullivan players, or the out-of-tune piano in the Wigglesworth practice room). She also loves eating ice-cream, writing letters, and anything that is pink. She is so looking forward to making music in such a supportive and enjoyable group!


Lauren Lee

Undecided • Class of 2022 •  Soprano II

Lauren is a freshman raised in Hong Kong and currently living in New York, NY. She is so excited to be a Pitch baby this year! When she isn't singing with the Pitches, she can be found playing tennis, crying to every rom-com in existence, and reading at (pretending to be a law student in) the law school library-- no, she doesn't want to be a lawyer.