The Pitches perform domestically and internationally every year. International travel is an exciting part of being in the group and a special opportunity to perform for audiences around the world. As a group, we are dedicated to giving our members this opportunity to travel at no cost to individual members. You can follow our adventures on our tour blog!

If you are interested in booking the Pitches for a performance in any of the locations listed, please visit our booking page. We are also always looking for new places to take the group, so if you would like to see the Pitches in your area, email!


International Tour

Every other summer, the Pitches go on a 2-3 week all-expenses paid international tour. Summer tours are an exciting opportunity for the Pitches to share their music with audiences across the globe, and for members to gain new musical and cultural experiences. Past destinations have included Thailand, Malaysia, Japan, China, Hong Kong, Mexico, and Spain.

In 2015, we traveled to London, Cambridge, Paris, and Berlin. In 2013, we traveled to San Francisco, Shanghai, Hong Kong, and Changsha.

During our last international tour in 2017, we traveled to Palo Alto, where we performed at Stanford University and with local alumnae, as well as to Tokyo, Japan and Seoul, Korea.

Stay tuned for updates regarding the destinations for this year's International Tour during June of 2019!

Bermuda Tour

During spring break each year, we tour the beautiful island of Bermuda. When we’re not singing, we enjoy Bermuda’s sights and famous pink sand beaches. In addition to the funds we raise through performances throughout the year, we are generously sponsored by various hosts, restaurants, and resorts around the island, who provide us with accommodations and meals in exchange for performing in their elegant venues.



Winter Tour

The Pitches go on a week-long domestic tour during winter break each year. Winter tour gives the Pitches many opportunities to perform for a variety of audiences, and is also a great bonding experience for the group.

Recent destinations include New York and Boston in 2018; New York and New Jersey in 2017; Chapel Hill, North Carolina in 2016; Sarasota, Florida in 2015; and Baltimore and DC in 2014.

For this year's 2019 winter tour, the Pitches will be traveling to Long Island, New York City, and Philadelphia!